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North Carolina is one of nine states to receive the Maternal Health Innovation (MHI) Grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Funded in September 2019, this five-year federal grant is managed by the Women, Infant, and Community Wellness Section in the Division of Public Health and funds over a dozen contractors around the state to develop innovative strategies to address disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality. CCLCF is honored to host the Perinatal Champion for Region V.

North Carolina has six Perinatal Regions throughout the state; Region V is in the Southeastern corridor of the state. Region V has ten birthing hospitals, 14 health departments, and many perinatal provider offices. Each Region in NC has a team of four Champions, including Obstetric, Family Practice, and Pediatric Physician Champions.


There is also a Perinatal Nurse Champion (PNC), and the PNC aims to promote equitable, research-based care for our pregnant and postpartum people. The PNC connects with regional healthcare workers and community organizations. Examples of the PNC outreach activities include locating and sharing resources about best practices in obstetric emergencies. Initiatives include improving people's transition from postpartum back to primary care. The PNC supports stakeholder education through fetal monitoring classes, obstetrical simulations, and free training opportunities like DEI and implicit bias training. Lastly, the PNC works with the other Champions within the Region and the state. This highly collaborative and education-driven role supports enhancements within healthcare organizations to improve birthing outcomes.


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