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Pharmacist worked with patient...

Pharmacist worked with patient with a diagnosis of diabetes who was having difficulty understanding diagnosis and treatment plan due to language barriers. Pharmacist worked with individual on Initial needs or barriers: timing of insulin injections, pt’s difficulty with change, especially with food choices, without his own meter and BG testing supplies, access to medications, etc. Patient is physically feeling better and emotionally, is developing a level of self-confidence with controlling their diabetes

Received a call from patient...

Received a call from patient on a Friday morning about an upcoming appointment the following Monday morning with their specialist. The patient attempted to call the provider office for the exact address as they were unfamiliar with the area, but couldn’t reach anyone. The patient then called me for assistance. They lived out of county and were unsure about directions or where exactly they were going. I was able to provide very detailed directions and had them repeat back to me as well as walked through how to enter the address into their phone GPS. They expressed gratitude for being able to reach someone and receive directions. The patient attended the appointment at the scheduled date and time.

Assisted homeless person with...

Assisted homeless person with severe diabetic ulcers and previous loss of toes. Ensured the individual kept podiatry appointments, applied for and received food stamps, understood blood glucose goals, had testing supplies, applied and received Medicaid assistance. I was able to connect the individual to vocational rehab where they will receive assistance with a hearing aid, new orthopedic shoes, and employment training. Helped the individual keep up with diabetes meds and the med assistance program enrolled in and ensured was taking all other meds.

Connected two members to...

Connected two members to the Adult Dental Program

  • Provided essential medications for three members
  • Helped member obtain health insurance
  • Helped two members enroll in HOP
  • Helped member with copayment in order to obtain prosthetic leg
  • Provided information regarding mental health resources, health navigation services, HOP screening, and other community resources to several members

Patient initially referred to CCM...

Patient initially referred to CCM in September of 2022. T2DM, Hypertension and bipolar disorder. Morbid obesity at 241.2 lbs. and A1C of 7.2. By working with pt to improve diet with education and encouraging regular exercise, pt has been able to drop to 209 lbs. with an A1C of 6.3 in March of this year. Pt. is currently 197 lbs. and is waiting for A1C to be drawn this month. They are reporting improved mood, significant boost in energy and generally feeling well.

HSO assisted a young expectant...

HSO assisted a young expectant mother find housing before the birth of her baby. Now she and her infant son are living in safe, suitable housing. Mother is working as a CNA and thriving.

Mother survived domestic violence...

Mother survived domestic violence and is working on empowering herself with the help of HOP services. Mother is grateful for the food and transportation services she is receiving.

Family of 4 found safe housing...

Family of 4 found safe housing leaving an area where one of the children was being bullied. Mother reports her son is happier and finished off the school year successfully and happier.

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