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Medicaid Care

Community Care of the Lower Cape Fear was selected by NC Medicaid program to manage enrollee’s medical, social, and behavioral conditions by a team focused on client-centered care.


Perinatal Nurse Champion Grant

North Carolina is one of nine states to receive the Maternal Health Innovation (MHI) Grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Funded in September 2019, this five-year federal grant is managed by the Women, Infant, and Community Wellness Section in the Division of Public Health and funds over a dozen contractors around the state to develop innovative strategies to address disparities in maternal morbidity and mortality.

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Pathway to Wellness

An established care team focused services designed to support targeted community and family members by linking community resources and aiding in navigating the healthcare system to maximum quality of life.

For specific services under Pathway to Wellness, click the links below:

» Senior Services Population Health Support
» CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)
» Pharmacy Services
» Care Navigation Concierge Care Management

Cape Fear Healthy Opportunities Pilot

Healthy Opportunities Pilot

The Healthy Opportunities Pilot (HOP) program is the nation’s first comprehensive program to test and evaluate the impact of providing select evidence-based, non-medical interventions related to housing, food, transportation and interpersonal safety and toxic stress to Medicaid Managed Care enrollees.

For more information, click the links below:


CCLCF Provides Housing Navigation for HOP

This includes provision of one-to-one case management and/or educational services to prepare an enrollee for stable, long-term housing (e.g., identifying housing preferences and developing a housing support plan), and to support an enrollee in maintaining stable, long-term housing (e.g., development of independent living skills, ongoing monitoring and updating of housing support plan).

Activities may include:

Housing Navigation and Support

  • Assisting the enrollee to identify housing preferences and needs.
  • Connecting the enrollee to social services to help with finding housing necessary to support meeting medical care needs.
  • Assisting the enrollee to select adequate housing and complete a housing application, including by:
    • Obtaining necessary personal documentation required for housing applications or programs;
    • Supporting with background checks and other required paperwork associated with a housing application
  • Assisting the enrollee to develop a housing support and crisis plan to support living independently in their own home.
  • Assisting the enrollee to develop a housing stability plan and support the follow through and achievement of the goals defined in the plan.
  • Assisting to complete reasonable accommodation requests.
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